Teaching Strategies for Global Impact

When you’re used to teaching programming and traditional CS content, working the global impacts of computing into class lessons can be a challenge. After all, isn’t that more like social science?

Indeed, teaching about social impacts requires a different set of teaching strategies than teaching programming. And if you’re teaching AP Computer Science Principles, there’s the additional challenge of preparing students for the Explore Performance Task, in which students are required to research a computing innovation and write about its impact.

Beyond day-to-day lesson plans, Teach Global Impact is developing a set of articles on those meta-strategies you’ll need when teaching this out-of-the-ordinary topic, including best practices for guiding students through content-area reading, research, and writing (without losing them); classroom strategies like cooperative learning and varied discussion protocols; and guidance on how to integrate Global Impact with other course topics.

Our Strategy Recommendations (Full Articles Under Construction)

Other Sources for Strategies