John Daniell

Large DDoS Attacks Cause Outages at Twitter, Spotify, and Other Sites

TechCrunch, 10/21/2016

A recent large scale DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on DNS provider Dyn caused many sites to become temporarily inaccessible, including Twitter, Spotify, and a number of other important social media, e-commerce, news, and code-sharing sites. The attack was coordinated using a large group of compromised devices known as a “botnet”. Rather than computers, much of this botnet consisted of infected IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as security cameras.

Google Translate Gets a Deep-Learning Upgrade

IEEE Spectrum, 10/3/2016

Engineers at Google are upgrading their Google Translate service to use deep learning, which is an artificial intelligence technique. This is the first time this translation method has been used in a large production environment. The update greatly improves the accuracy of translations, increasing Google Translate’s ability to facilitate communication between speakers of different languages.

Southampton to Help Develop Software Which Could Transform Ship Maintenance

University of Southampton, 9/15/2016

Researchers are planning to develop software that can monitor and gather data on the performance and efficiency of a marine vessel. Through the use of machine learning, this data would then be applied to create an ideal balance between efficient performance and ship integrity, lowering maintenance and operational costs.